Monday, December 29, 2008


In the past couple of months I have decided that this parenting thing isn't easy. Yeah Quinn is a pretty easy going baby most of the time, but the fact is, that sometimes he is just plain irritable. He cries, I make a bottle for him, he doesn't want it, I change his diaper, that doesn't make him happy, I try to snuggle him to sleep, he goes stiff as a board and starts crying....what is a mom to do in this situation? Most of the time I say "okay then, you can go in your swing" or "play on the floor then" but inside I am upset. I am upset that I don't know what is wrong with him, I am upset that I can't make him happy, I am upset that I am so damned tired that I can't think straight, I am upset that I am upset at him for being upset....did you follow me there? My newest thing to be upset about is the fact that he doesn't want to eat food for me, I have tried everything, (except for most fruits) and he just doesn't seem to want to eat food. It is not that he doesn't like it per say, if I can get it in his mouth than he will eat it, but the fact is, the child will not open his mouth! I told him over the weekend that it was okay, that he could continue to live on formula until he was in college for all I cared, except that he may care when he can't get a girl friend because of it.

There are times that I question if right now was the right time to have him, and then I look at him and he laughs, or does something for the first time and I can't imagine life without him.

There are 2 things that I think he will accomplish in the next couple of weeks:
1. He is going to start crawling, I am surprised that right now he is moving as fast as he does just wiggling around on the floor.
2. He is going to get his first tooth!

The holidays went pretty well, Quinn got lots of presents (thanks everyone!) and we got to enjoy watching him open & eat the wrapping paper on his first gifts. I almost forgot to take pictures (thanks Herb for reminding me). We do wish that we were able to go north for the holiday's but there is something nice about doing your own thing!

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Ann said...

I know that you probably don't want to hear it, but every mom feels this way, well maybe not every mom, but I do. It doesn't matter how much to think you know, they will always find a way to make you question your skills every single day. Just know you aren't alone. Paxton makes me question whether I know what I'm doing or if I'm a good parent every day. Got to love the terrible 2's. But I've always questioned myself with him, because he's my first. Ambrose isn't as bad right now, but I've had little bit of practice.

I know this is an older post, and I really haven't had a chance to talk to you recently, but the eating thing will come around. I knew a women who came to our New Mothers Group every week complaining about her kid never liking to eat. He was super smart, and advanced in ever area, but she just couldn't get him to eat baby food. It wasn't until she introduced table food at 1 yr that he took to eating!!! I think some baby's just don't do the baby food texture well. Ambrose won't eat any veggies in baby food form, but loves them from our plate. I only give him fruit baby food. I make my own, so the texture is a little different because the fruit itself is not as thick as the store stuff. So I mix it with rice cereal to thicken it, but then it's more thick then the store stuff. But the cereal texture might make the fruit OK for him. Who knows?!? That's the thing, we won't ever really know. But just remind yourself that you've never heard of a 18 year old still taking formula!!!

It's the same line of reasoning that I use for co-sleeping. I don't know of any 18 year old still sleeping in their parents' bed. They eventually find their own way. Some just take longer than others. And just because something usually works with others, doesn't necessarily mean it will work with your child or be the best way for you. It's all trial and error and finding what's best for you!!!

Seriously, call me if you ever want to talk. Even if it's only to vent about anything (doesn't matter how trivial it might seem, I probably have gone through the same frustration as some point). I know how tough it can be not being close to family and friends.

Anyway, I love reading about you guys. Keep the posts coming, I know it's not exactly easy with a little one.

Take care,